a little update…

Since the last post it has been about one and a half week and the numbers have increased a bit. I think that when I wrote that post I was at 272 subscribers and 482 watch hours. Today, those numbers are 345 subscribers and 560 watch hours. A drastic change. Much too thank https://www.facebook.com/interestingengineering/ who posted one of my videos on their Facebook page and on Instagram. That gave me a boost in both subscribers and watch hours of course.

The last project was a ginger bread house. That can be seen here:

I have almost got my planning for the upcoming weekends ready in terms of what I am going to do. I haven’t actually done the projects yet.

The big difference in just making stuff and making stuff and filming it is that it takes huge amounts of time to just get the camera into position, the lighting, the audio. And that kind of stops me from just going at some projects in the evening, it would take too much time to set up all that stuff to record which wouldn’t actually give me time to work.

Anyways. Next week there will be some kind of furniture video ready, I hope.

See you then.

The Swedish Maker

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