Reusing and recycling

Reusing and recycling

This week I reused an old sugar box from a Swedish company that used to deliver their sugar in these wooden boxes. I simple added four wheels to it and used an mdf board as a lid. Some fabric and a piece of foam and it turned into a rolling storage box. Simple but nice.

Giving new life to old items has become a thing, and that’s a good thing because the amount of new stuff being produced is somewhat crazy, to say the least. I had saved the wheels from a table at work that was being thrown away and the fabric and foam we already had at home from other projects. So, totally reused.

Quite quickly people on Facebook started commenting that they had an old suger box and that they were going to put wheels on it. And that’s the entire goal of what I am doing; to inspire others to create.

Goal fulfilled. See you another day.

The Swedish Maker

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