Making the perfect workbench

The next step of the workshop rebuild was to make a workbench. So I sat down with Fusion 360 and came up with this idea.

The hole is for the table saw and the empty storage is going to have drawers on one side and doors on the other. Giving me tons of storage in one unit. The table measures about 190 x 120 cm making it a quite big table but it will not take up that much space in the workshop.

The first week of building I managed to make the entire workbench but without the drawers and the doors. You can see the result in the video:

I am really happy with the result so far. This is one of the first projects where I am making something that I have drawn myself and I am so pleased that it is going according to plan so far. I’ve had some difficulties and problem solving as explained in the video, but still, it was minor things. I am so looking forward to finishing this workbench.

See you!

The Swedish Maker

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