Making a 20$ Subscriber Counter

So this project came from my curiosity of the Wemos ESP8266. I wanted to use it for something and stumbled across this project and thought it would be great as I recently hit 1000 subscribers.

I started by ordering the things I needed.

  1. Wemos D1 mini or Lolin Wemos
  2. DOT Matrix 7219
  3. Wires
  4. USB to Micro USB
  5. A piece of acrylic (optional)

The total sum of everything was about 20 dollar but I had a piece of acrylic that I had got a couple of months ago on sale – so it was really cheap.

Some things I had at home. I had a small piece of oak but you could use any type of wood really. Or just 3d-print a box for it.

I used the to create a small box. From there you can print the template for the box. I made my box 10x4x4cm and used finger joints. The finger joints seems unnecessary but I wanted to try out the new band saw – so I went with that.

I started by putting the code together. The code is available from Github if you want to use the exact same code as I did. The main part of the code I got from Roberto Delgados YouTube channel where he posted his code. Watch his video here: Link

To install the code you need to download Arduino from here. Before we proceed to installation there are some other things we need to prepare. We need our Channel ID and a Youtube API Key. The YouTube channel ID can be found in your advanced settings on YouTube. The API Key is retrieved by going to

Create a new project and click on credentials to create an API key. The generated key is not supposed to be shared with anyone so keep it to yourself.

Alright, now we have everything we need to install the program onto the Wemos. Open up the file you downloaded from my Github. On of the files is just a font file and don’t need to be changed. But the file named ESP2866SubCounter.ino needs some changes.

Change the following to match your credentials:

#define API_KEY “Enter your API KEY” // Replace the text with the API key you retrieved from Google Console.

#define CHANNEL_ID “Enter your Channel ID” // Replace the text with your channel ID.

String userName =”your-instagram-username” //Replace with your Instagram username

const char* ssid = “Router”; // SSID of local network
const char* password = “Password”; // Password on network

Once all that is done you can upload the file to Wemos and you should be good to go.

I then used the printed template from to cut out the pieces on the bandsaw. I glued the pieces together except for the front. I traced the DotMatrix Panel on the front piece and cut out a slot using the jig saw. I cut a piece of the acrylic matching the front and pre-drilled holes in all four corners and then it was all about putting everything together. I did of course do some sanding on all the pieces as well.

I gave the finished piece a coat of danish oil and then I could hang it on the wall.

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