The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is my attempt at a bluetooth speaker. A walnut and brass speaker with a retro vibe to it. I did run in to a lot of problems along the way as seen in the video, but it actually turned out really good.

I am going to make some changes to it later. I have ordered a new bluetooth amplifier that will probably make it even better, both bluetooth-wise and it might make it sound better as well, but it actually sounds quite good already even though the amp is terrible.

The wiring diagram for the speaker can be downloaded here and there’s also a drawing if anyone wants to replicate it that can be downloaded from here and the template for the holes drilled for the speakers can be found here.

And all the parts for the speaker are linked below but I don’t recommend the bluetooth amp I got. The bluetooth is no good and it definitely is not good enough to be used as a bluetooth speaker. And also it has no audio output so it can’t be used with an external aux output. I just ordered another one that hopefully will be better (also linked below)

Tell me what you think in the comments down below and I will see you next week.

Things I used for this build:

Bluetooth Amp:

New amp:

Speakers –

Similar one-off switch –

Adjustable circle cutter –

/ The Swedish Maker

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