Smart Vise Review

When building my workbench I didn’t make room for a vise. I had the idea to buy the hardware for a vise and just integrate it into to the workbench but it seemed hard to place it on the workbench because of how the plans looked. Instead I ran across this portable bench vise made by the Swedish company Sjöbergs. There’s a link to the product here

Now it is actually really good although it would be cheaper to build it but the good thing about this is that I can move it around or even bring it with me as it fits into the box it came in.

So far I am really pleased with this solution for my small shop and that it just where it is best, in small shops. Check out the video down below for more details.

Here’s a link to the bench dog I drew in Fusion 360 that can be 3D-printed.

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