Making a Rolling Cart for my Planer & Thicknesser

Lately I’ve been updating my workshop and there is only one piece of machinery left on the floor that needs a table and that is this small planer and thicknesser. I was kind feeling tired of making things from drawings and I just wanted to build something. So for this build I just went along with an idea I had and started building without a plan. And I don’t need this cart to look perfect at all, but I need to be able to move it around so I know I want casters on it and since I am elevating it off the ground it would be good to store the spare parts I have for the machine. 

So I just used scraps for this build and I had two pieces of mdf that where kind of the same size as the planer so I cut them down to match the size of the bottom of the planer using the table saw. Then I cut 4 legs out of 2x4s and drilled pocket holes in the legs to attach them to the base and the top. I did offset the legs 6mm from the edge because I have 6mm mdf that I can put on the sides of this box. I added the casters and I realised it was way to high so I cut the legs shorter off camera and the working hight was emidiatly better. 

I measured the sides and the back part and cut the 6mm mdf pieces on the table saw and I just nailed them to the 2x4s with a nail gun. Like I said, there’s no need to make this into something beautiful. I was kind of worried about the weight of the planer making the whole cart wobbly so I poured some old concrete I had into a plastic IKEA box we had lying around to make a brick that could just sit at the bottom of the cart to create a counter weight. Im still not sure how stable this would be. If I had bigger pieces of mdf I might have made the cart wider to create more stability. But this will probably do. If I ever need to mill really big heavy pieces I can always take the planer off the cart and just put it directly on the ground. 

I had this long piece of mdf so I cut that to size to make a simple box to go inside the cart for storage. And I also had this piece of OSB that I cut to size to make a bottom piece for the box. I glued and nailed everything together and the plan here was to use drawer slides I had left over from the workbench build, but I realised they were to long so I gave that idea up and instead I attached the door to the cart with some hinges. 

Before adding the hinges I spray painted everything matt black. I then added the front and a small knob. 

I designed and 3d printed these duck wire rollers. And I spray painted them as well, but in some copper-ish color witch doesn’t match the knob at all but I don’t care. If It will annoy me a lot I will probably take them off and respray them with brass. I don’t know. I attached the duck wire rollers to the cart and added a sticker to the planer to complete the build. And there it is. A very simple cart for my planer/thicknesser. And with that I have no more shit lying around the floor of the workshop and almost everything can be moved around which I really love since it’s kind of a small space to work in. The next thing to put on wheels might be the mitre saw, but for now it can just stand there. 

The duck hook can be found here:

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