The Desk – First edition

This is the desk. It’s the first time ever making something like this and I am really proud of it. I drew this up in Fusion 360 a long time ago and my skills in Fusion where not as good as now, but I had a plan and I had dimensions. It looked like this at first.

Before starting the build I made some modifications to it, changing the supports that are angled up to the table top and instead made a runner similar to the ones on the side. It’s crazy, I have had the birch which I made the desk from lying in our house on the floor for about 3 months now, just waiting to be used. And once I started I kind of wondered why I never got around to it. But everything has it’s time. And this was the time for the birch desk to be made.

I actually learned a lot from making this desk. Patience is a virtue when working with wood and I had a bunch of patience and lack of it when making this.

There are a couple of things I would like to improve while keeping the design. I would like to make the legs tapered in a future project and also making the small parts that the table top is resting on fit the frame better. I ran the router with a round over bit over all of the frame and then I glued the smaller parts on there, and they are not rounded which seems a bit weird, but then again, they don’t show.

I also think I can make the angled legs somewhat different. Using a different technique that is and not having the angle between the leg and then support but having the support go into the side of the leg instead. I am not sure about that.

I am so pleased with the result and I learned so much making it. Next up I would like to design a chair to go along with the desk. Hopefully sometime this year Ill be making that. I am actually visiting a company that has been making furniture since 1907 in September to see how they are going about making furniture and hopefully I’ll have a video of their work flow up sometime in October/November this year. But, until then!

See you in the next one!


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