Making a Ring Box using a CNC (3018 Pro)

This week I had a go at making a ring box using my cnc, which is this cheap cnc from China called 3018 Pro. I used Fusion 360 to create the ring box and it’s manufacturing function to export it to Easel. The design is very simple and the size of the ring box is really small, but then again, ring boxes are really small.

I didn’t really need a ring box at this time, I just wanted to try it out, so I didn’t finish the ring box more than what you see in the images. There are a lot of ways to finish this off. On idea is to engrave something on the lid of the ring box using the cnc or to add some soft cloth to the inside of the box.

I am superglad it worked out and I learned a lot making this box and I will probably make more of these in the future to be able to give away some.

Check out the video if your interested in the process.

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