The 3018 Pro – Is It Worth Buying? – Review and Gettings Started

I’ve been wanting to get a CNC for a while now and when I stumbled upon this CNC 3018 Pro shipping from Spain on a flash-sale over on I couldn’t resist getting it.

It came after about 10 days in a pretty small package. The assembly was pretty straight forward until I realized that the two backelit pieces that are to be mounted on the sides of the machine were mirrored. This had me kind of confused as I had not seen anyone else with this issue.

It started researching the issue and finally found a solution in which I switched out the wires according to the image below and after that, everything worked as it should. The picture is showing the X-stepper motor and I also put the Y-stepper motor in the Y2-port.

To get started I tried making some simple signs and it did a really good job. I was actually surprised with how good it looked. I even tried making a ring box and it actually worked. There’s a video explaining the process here.

Some of the things to consider when deciding if you should get this machine are what you need it for. If you are just going to make small signs and engravings on cutting boards it is just fine for this. But if you want to make larger things or even use thicker materials then you should probably opt for something bigger.

In the video below you can see some of the advantages and the downsides of the machine and what I think about it.

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