Bandsaw VS CNC – Making a Flat Pack Stool

In this video I am making a flat pack stool without a cnc using only a bandsaw, a jigsaw and a flush trim bit. It can be done with just a jigsaw as well, it will just take a lot of patience and precision. I used 15 mm plywood for this project but since I made it from a fusion360 model I can always go back and change the dimensions afterwards. I had some model issues that I realized after making it. For one I didn’t add a clearance between the parts. My flush trim bit also broke during the making. It was really old and wasn’t sharp so it affected the final stool a bit. Also in the video you’ll see me going in the wrong direction with it, that didn’t help. I am actually pleased with the end result and I am going to make a couple of stools for our kitchen. Watch the video below and if you want to learn how to make the stool in Fusion, let me know and I’ll make a video on that as well.

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