Making Beard Oil

In this video I show how I made beard oil. In the last video I made a beard comb using my small desktop CNC and it turned out really good. Combining the beard comb with the beard oil would make for a perfect gift to someone. I also show a small box I made in the video. I didn’t film the process of making that box, but it is a nice addition to the beard oil if it is something your planning on giving away.

If you want to purchase the products I used they are linked down below:

Argan Oil: UK: US:

Rapeseed Oil: UK: US:

Almond Oil: UK: US:

Hemp Seed Oil: UK: US:

Jojoba Oil: UK: US:

Bergamott Essential Oil: UK: US:

Ginger Essential Oil: UK: US:

Lemon Essential Oil: UK: US:

Cedar Wood Essential Oil: UK: US:

E-vitamine: UK: US:

Patchouli Essential Oil: UK: US:

Glass Bottle UK: US:

My Recipe:

95ml total If you want to make it less expensive, go with Cheaper options for carrier oils, and also don’t use more than 2 or 3 Carrier oils. Carrier Oils

30 ml argan oil

30 ml rapeseed oil

10 ml almond oil

10 ml hempseed oil

10 ml jojoba oil

Essential Oils

20 drops of bergamott

5 drops of ginger

5 drops of lemon

5 drops of cedar wood

5 drops of e-vitamine

1 drop of patchouli

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