Making a Vanity in Valchromat

We have been renovating our bathroom for a while and really couldn’t find a vanity that was right for us. At least not within a human price range. So we decided to make it our selfs. The first thing I did was I started looking for what material to use. I found that valchromat was actually stronger and better suited for humid conditions than regular mdf. Later I also found it easier to paint than mdf as well.

I started the process in Fusion 360 by designing something to our liking. Then it was all about cutting the material to size and putting it together according to the plan. But it is never that easy in my world. I made some late adjustments to the design in Fusion but we forgot about those when we started cutting the pieces according to the first plan. It doesn’t matter but we could have made some improvements to the vanity if we had only worked slower. We were on a schedule and had to deliver within a certain date.

We are really happy with the final result. I especially enjoyed making the framed doors with the router. I haven’t seen this done like this before, but to me it seemed like a good idea since the doors are made in one single piece.

All the details are in the video.

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