The Swedish Maker

Hi! I’m Pierre and I run the YouTube channel The Swedish Maker. I have been creating things for as long as I can remember but I never really had a place to show the things I’ve made. Back in 2018 my personal instagram was full of my projects and it felt kind of weird just posting all the projects I had made, kind of like bragging.

At this time I was constantly watching YouTube for inspiration on new projects and it slowly dawned on me that I could create my own channel and show the things I do, and hopefully inspire others.

My first video was posted on march 27 2019 as a result. And I have been posting videos once a week since then.

The idea of The Swedish Maker is that I create the things I am passionate about at the time. And that varies all over the place. I have never felt the urge to reproduce anything I’ve made. I make things once and that’s it. Then I want to learn something new. So that’s what the channel is all about. Learning, making and creating.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration here. If you want to get in contact, use the contact form here on the site or contact me using the socials attached at the bottom.

Let’s learn, make and create!

The Swedish Maker